Second MAD Symposium | Appetite

1-2 July 2012

The second MAD Symposium shifted its attention from from plant to person. Appetite connects the outer world to our inner needs, keeps us curious, and compels us to explore the world with our senses. Speakers gathered to discuss all the tacit decisions that determine how they think about and conceptualize food, flavor, and deliciousness in order to more actively acknowledge what chefs’ hands instinctively appreciate after working for years with the bigger purposes of hunger. Appetite is their source of inspiration and a way to think bigger.

Day One

René Redzepi
Chef/Owner, noma and Founder, MAD • Denmark
Tor Nørretranders
Author • Denmark
Roderick Sloan
Diver, Fisherman, Chef, and Seafood Supplier to top restaurants • Norway/Scotland
Joost Bakker
Owner, Greenhouse by Joost; Founder, Built By Joost • Netherlands
Enrique Olvera
Chef/Owner, Pujol; Owner of Cosme, Atla, Damiant, and others • Mexico
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Journalist, Chef, and Food Writer • UK
Massimo Bottura
Chef/Owner, Osteria Francescana and Founder, Food for Soul • Italy
Andrea Pieroni
Professor of Ethnobotany and Ethnobiology, University of Gastronomic Sciences • Italy
Shinchiro Takagi
Chef/Owner, Zeniya • Japan
Dan Barber
Chef/Co-Owner, Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns; Founder, Row7 Seeds • USA
Marc Veyrat
Chef, La Maison des Bois • France

Day Two

Chido Govera
Mushroom Farmer and Founder, Future of Hope Foundation • Zimbabwe
Paul Rozin
Professor of Psychology, University of Pennyslvania • USA
Anthony Myint & Danny Bowien
Co-Founders, Mission Chinese Food • USA
Massimo Montanari
Professor of Medieval History, Bologna University and Scholar in Food Studies • Italy
Rasmus Kofoed
Chef/Owner, Geranium| Denmark
Mark Emil & Lars Williams
Co-Founders, Empirical Spirits; previously at Nordic Food Lab • Denmark
Andrea Petrini
Food Journalist/Critic | France/Italy
Wylie Dufresne
Chef/Owner, Du’s Donuts; previously Chef/Owner, WD-50 • USA
Leif Sørensen
Chef/Owner, Koks • Faroe Islands
Fergus Henderson & Trevor Gulliver
Chef and Restauranteur, St. John • UK
Ferran Adrià
Chef; previously of elBulli • Spain