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The Childcare Conundrum

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When McGee’s Scot Irish Pub in Anderson, South Carolina re-opened after the pandemic lockdown, chef and co-owner Dixie Benca found herself facing a new twist on an old problem. Her restaurant, which serves creative pub food, had been in business for more than 25 years, and during that time, she…

Chefs, Spheres, and The Coming Robot Revolution

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What does this new age of automation hold for restaurant kitchens?

How To Be a Non-Conformist

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Freedom. Shame. Metacognition: If you thought Silo was just a zero-waste restaurant, you haven’t met Doug McMaster, one of MAD Academy’s new Resident Faculty members

The Color Code of Conduct

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Six years after a reckoning at her restaurant, Erin Wade talks about the impact of her team's innovative solution to sexual harassment: the color code of conduct.

The Long Game: Guy Savoy

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At 70, Guy Savoy is still cooking, still at his flagship restaurant in the Monnaie de Paris every night it is open, and perhaps most remarkably, still effusive about the joys of the profession.

The Dream of a 40-Hour Work Week

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Chef hours have been notoriously extreme for pretty much as long as there have been restaurants. Is that just part of the job or is it a lack of imagination?

The Economy of Desire

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Is this the moment when restaurants finally adopt dynamic pricing? And if so, what does it say about us?

10 Most Popular MAD Videos

Ever watched soba noodles crafted in complete silence? What was the journey behind Clare Smyth and the opening of Core? And what happens when Jiro Ono and René Redzepi share a pot of tea?

Speaking Out

Daniel Patterson

When Chef Daniel Patterson wrote this piece for MAD about mental health, we were deeply struck by his honesty and courage. While it speaks specifically to those in the restaurant industry, we feel it’s every bit as relevant today to anyone who struggles with depression or mental illness.

Alex Atala brings Brazil together to discuss food

Rafael Tonon

Rafa Tonon wrote about FRUTO, Alex Atala's conference in Saõ Paulo, Brazil. Find out what happened here.

A Journey of Flavor

Eva Sarai

Eva Sarai is a current MAD intern in Copenhagen. She travelled to Denmark to study, and she will return to the US to finish her studies in Psychology and neuroscience at Grinnell College.  Photos in this article were taken by Theis Bothmann.  Frikadeller—tasty, uncomplicated Danish meatballs. This dish was among…

A Mushroom of One's Own

Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee has a PhD in Gender and Cultural Studies from the University of Sydney, Australia. Her dissertation examined the impact of social media and celebrity culture on chefs’ modes of production. She tweets and ‘grams at @pre_dessert My first real interaction with MAD was a complete fluke. After emailing…