The MAD Symposium

The MAD Symposium brings together hundreds of members of the global culinary community to discuss and shape the future of food. Founded in 2011 by René Redzepi, chef and owner of restaurant noma, and hosted by the nonprofit MAD, the Symposium instills in its participants a renewed sense of optimism, greater clarity about their values, and a stronger sense of community. Across two days of keynotes, workshops, and conversations, it introduces them to a range of practical ideas on how they can improve their workplaces and communities through sustainable agriculture, social entrepreneurship, scientific advancement, health and nutrition, and creativity.

By bringing aspiring hospitality leaders together with established luminaries in the field, and uniting chefs, academics, craftspeople, and scientists in conversation, the MAD Symposium has created an arena for the advancement of knowledge and inspired similar gatherings around the world.



Past MAD Symposia

Each MAD Symposium centers around a theme that forms and guides the discussions. Our latest gathering, Mind the Gap, was held in August 2018 and brought the food world together to look at the disparity between where we are as an industry today and where we want to be tomorrow.

We invite you to browse through the speakers, talks, and themes of the past symposia.


2018 • Mind the Gap

2016 • Tomorrow’s Kitchen

2014 • What’s Cooking?

2013 • Guts

2012 • Appetite

2011 • Planting Thoughts



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