Alumni & Faculty

To date, the Academy has produced 800+ alumni from more than 60 countries and worked with a diverse range of international partners and collaborators across the hospitality industry.

Case studies & Interviews


5 Questions with Laura Cabrera

Stories from MAD Alumni

At just 21, Laura Cabrera found herself as head chef at Nectar, one of Mexico’s top restaurants. “I was almost crying every night,” she recalls. “I was suddenly put in this huge position, and I didn’t know what to do.” Now, more than 10 years later, Laura is running her own successful restaurant, Bredo, in Copenhagen—and she knows exactly what she’s doing. 




5 Questions with Jack Feeny

Stories from MAD Alumni

Jack arrived at Academy in 2021 with a good deal of knowledge about sustainability under his belt: in fact, he had already published a manual that offered tested advice on reducing single-use plastics in restaurants. Since then, he’s gone on to expand the platform and has just launched a campaign to persuade kitchens to switch to wooden cutting boards.




5 Questions with Garima Arora

Stories from MAD Alumni

When Indian-born chef Garima Arora came to MAD Academy in 2019, Gaa, her Bangkok restaurant, was barely two years old. But she was already piling up the accolades. Last year was the best ever: not only did Gaa make it onto the World’s 50 Best List, but also received its second Michelin star. And all this while giving birth to her first child.




5 Questions with Shiv Menon

Stories from MAD Alumni

When asked to join the Michelin Green-starred BOCA in Dubai —leaders in sustainable gastronomy— Shiv Menon was on the next flight to the City of Gold. Now as Head of Hospitality, Wine & Beverage, he shares his experience with leading a diverse team, and why, above all else, he “believes in respecting all that comes from the Earth”.




5 Questions with Sarah Knight

Stories from MAD Alumni

Sarah Knight’s resume would read like the title of a John Le Carré novel, if Le Carré wrote about food: Waiter, Chef, Butcher, Rancher. “I got to learn from some Michelin-starred chefs,” she says, “but I also started to realize that I didn’t really know anything about where our food came from.” And that is where her story really begins.

5 Questions with César Garduño

Stories from MAD Alumni

We check in with César Garduño, whose career has taken some unusual turns in the last few years. The 30+year-old sommelier ended up working in a couple of places—first Dill in Iceland, now Credo in Norway– that could not be further, geographically or culturally speaking, from his home in Mexico City.

5 Questions with Karyn Tomlinson

Stories from MAD Alumni

First up is chef Karyn Tomlinson, who worked at Fäviken in Sweden and Corner Table in Minneapolis before opening her first restaurant, Myriel, in 2021 in St Paul, Minnesota and quickly turning it into a semi-finalist for the James Beard Best Restaurant in the Midwest.

Our 2024 resident faculty

MAD has access to some of the most exciting and insightful minds in and out of the industry. In addition to innovative chefs and restaurateurs, our faculty includes talented business coaches, brilliant scientists, and leading activists.


Chef, Fermenter & Food Scientist
Environment & Sustainability
MAY 13-17


Chef & Owner of Silo
Environment & Sustainability
MAY 20-24


Chef & Owner of Spring
Environment & Sustainability
MAY 27 – 31


Bartender & Co-owner of
Tayēr + Elementary

Leadership & Business
APR 8 – 12


Entrepreneur & Co-founder
of Homeroom

Leadership & Business
APR 15 – 19


Chef & Co-chair of the

Food Planet Prize

Leadership & Business
APR 22 – 26

Our alumni

MAD Academy alumni come from a wide range of the world’s most exciting restaurants, bars, and food businesses.

Tian am Spittelberg (Austria)
*Nobelhart og Schmutzig (Germany)
Fotografiska Tallinn (Estonia)
Rome Sustainable Food Project (Italy)
*Elbulli 1845 (Spain)
Miri Mary (Netherlands)
*Alchemist (Denmark)
Coffee Collective (Denmark)
*Noma (Denmark)
Mirali (Ukraine)
*Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenée (France)
*Le Doyenne (France)
Timberyard (Scotland)
*Oaxen Krog (Sweden)
SEM Restaurant and Wine Bar (Portugal)
Mariage Frères (France)
*Brat (England)
*Kol (England)
Sputnik Cocktail Bar (Bulgaria)

North America
*Tatiana (US)
*World Central Kitchen (US)
Hiyu Wine Farm (US)
*Eleven Madison Park (US)
*Benu (US)
Emmer and Rye (US)
Avling (Canada)
*Pujol (Mexico)
Mexic Amanera (Dominican Republic)

Central and South America
Viento Verde (Argentina)
Maré de Sabores (Brazil)
*Restaurante Leo (Colombia)
La Guaguaseria (Ecuador)
Cocina de Jardin (El Salvador)
Panito Bakery (Guatemala)

Asia and Australia
*Room4Dessert (Indonesia)
Dewakan (Malaysia)
Preludio (Singapore)
Onijum (South Korea)
Restaurant Ark (Taiwan)
Out (Japan)
Centro Hotels (India)
Manzé (Australia)
Market Lane Coffee (Australia)
Tanaman Restaurant (Australia)

Middle East and Africa
Hakasan Dubai (UAE)
Ha’Salon (Israel)
Happy Rabbit (Egypt)
Veld and Sea (South Africa)


*One or more Michelin stars