MAD Mondays

MAD Mondays is an ongoing series of public talks open to everyone with an interest in food and an appetite for change. The series is an opportunity to expand ideas and discuss the issues that matter most in the world of food and hospitality.

MAD Mondays are held in major cities around the globe on Mondays, the traditional day of rest for the restaurant industry.

You can watch the talks and learn from some of these great evenings down below. See what’s upcoming by signing up for our newsletter.

Mad Monday @ Home with Will Guidara

This Bite Will Cost You

Nature Under The Microscope

Det Politiske Madshow

MAD Monday LA

Cities, Soil, and True Value of Food

Sydney MAD Monday – Leadership

MAD Mondays x Dispatches

Sydney MAD Monday – Resilience

Sydney MAD Monday – Indigenous Foodways




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