Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MAD Academy?
The MAD Academy is a school that aims to support the hospitality and food industry with tools and knowledge for making positive change. It offers a range of courses designed to equip future hospitality leaders with expertise, practical tools, and inspiration.


Who is it for?
The MAD Academy is for anyone pursuing a career in hospitality.


When and where do MAD Academy programs take place?
While in development, Academy programs run periodically throughout the year. MAD Academy takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark.


How do I apply?
You can either: enroll regularly or apply for a scholarship. Applications open a few months before programs begin.

Information about applications is always available here.


How do I apply for a scholarship?
Use this form.


What’s covered by a scholarship?
Scholarships cover tuition fees, food costs (five breakfasts and five lunches), and learning materials during the program, to a cost of 37,500 DKK.

Scholarships do not include transport to Copenhagen, any accommodation costs, and spending money.


Why are there different scholarships? Which do I choose?
MAD Academy scholarships are supported by organizations and private individuals who wish to support the Academy’s ambition for change. Some of them are open to everyone, some of them have specific requirements.

All scholarships require that you are someone pursuing a career in hospitality.
Additional requirements apply to certain scholarships – for example the ICE Scholarship requires you to be a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, NYC and LA.


How do you select for scholarships?
MAD Academy’s ambition is to create positive change across the entire hospitality industry, and the world. Scholarships are selected with this in mind. We get many more applications each year than we have places. Candidates are selected based on perceived need for the direct financial support to attend and their ability and intent to create real change as expressed in their written application.

An example of this in practice can be that if you are the executive head chef or front of house manager of a large chain hotel you would be unlikely to receive a scholarship as your salary would presumably be high enough for you to save for the needed money yourself (thereby confirming your commitment to change), or since your employer, who will benefit greatly from your continued education, should take part in this responsibility. On the other hand, if you are a junior employee working for a small independent business you are more likely to receive a scholarship by the same reasoning.

We trust you understand that applying for and accepting a scholarship when you don’t actually need it will deprive someone who would not be able to attend MAD Academy without that same support.


How much is regular enrollment, and is it different to a scholarship?
Enrollment costs 37,500 DKK ex. Danish VAT. This covers tuition fees, food costs (five breakfasts and five lunches), and learning materials during the program.

All students are accountable for their own costs when it comes to travel, accommodation, and spending money in Copenhagen.

Whether you enroll through your own money, are supported by an employer, or receive a scholarship, the knowledge and experience delivered by MAD Academy will be exactly the same.


Information about Danish VAT?
As the course is held in Denmark, Danish VAT must be claimed for all participants. For participants from other EU-countries the VAT might be reimbursed through tax authorities in their own countries. For participants from outside the EU, Danish VAT can be reimbursed by the Danish Tax Authorities after course completion, if paying institution is VAT-registered in own country. Read more on the Danish Tax Authorities site.


What about the food?
The MAD Academy provides five delicious breakfasts and five equally delicious lunches, one for each day of the program. Dinner is not provided or included, instead we encourage participants to explore Copenhagen and support local hospitality with their own pocket money.

What courses/programs will the MAD Academy be offering?
The MAD Academy offers two different five-day programs for rising leaders in the hospitality industry. Each of them designed to give students the expertise, practical tools, and inspiration they need to enhance their professional lives and actively engage in positive change.

The Environment and Sustainability curriculum was created from a desire to help students in understanding their place as parts of the food system and prepare them to drive change in a diverse range of hospitality businesses. We will provide useful skills to make better and more responsible choices in your professional life and prove beyond doubt that what we do as individuals and as professionals actually does make a difference. Students completing this program will, be well prepared to actively integrate a mindset in their respective workplaces where they search for potential environmental improvements, have the tools to assess if a proposed change is worthwhile, be able to implement the solutions needed to realize their ideas.

The Leadership and Business program focuses on the need for functioning leadership in hospitality and understanding restaurants as businesses. It provides knowledge on a diverse range of subjects from group dynamics to accounting and shares methods to handle common but potentially difficult situations such as conflict resolution or how to identify and solve financial issues. You will leave with knowledge and tools that you can use in your everyday life, running or working in a restaurant. We want to show you that there are many ways of doing business that suit different people and hope for you to feel inspired to understand your own style as a leader and how best to work with colleagues and employees.


Why are there two dates for each program?
Each program runs twice at a different date. Other than when they happen, the programs are identical – same content, same tools, same place. This is simply so more people may attend.


Can I attend both the Leadership & Business and Environment & Sustainability programs?
For now, no. It’s important for us to provide programs to as many different individuals as possible. These programs will return in future years, where you’ll be welcomed to apply again.


How many students are in a program?
There is a maximum of 30 seats in each MAD Academy program.


Who will teach at the MAD Academy?
MAD Academy has a core of dedicated teaching staff, supplemented by visiting instructors, academics, artists and subject matter experts. There will be chefs and academics, but also scientists, coaches, executives, and leaders from other fields.


How long is a program at the MAD Academy?
The programs run Monday to Friday, from morning till evening. You must attend each day of the program.


What if I’m accepted, or pay to enroll, and can’t come?
In the unfortunate case that you are accepted and unable to join us, we only ask that you get in touch with us as soon as your plans change.


How are you handling COVID-19 and the safety of students and staff?
MAD Academy adheres strictly to all the guidelines provided by the Danish government. In addition, Academy students are provided with additional measures (such as personal thermometers for temperature checks, and daily text reminders) to ensure their health and safety, and that of all participants.


You didn’t answer my question!
If you have specific questions around MAD Academy, please reach out to us by email at



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