Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the Academy for?
MAD Academy is open to anyone pursuing a career in hospitality, including employees and business owners. There are no eligibility requirements or prior qualifications required. Our diverse alumni community comprises over 800 individuals from more than 60 countries and various backgrounds. Many of them are established professionals representing a wide range of businesses, including R&D teams, large chain operators, global hotel groups, fine-dining establishments, and municipal canteens. The majority of our alumni, however, are career professionals working in local restaurants, coffee shops, or cocktail bars, eager to advance in their careers.

What kind of courses do you run and how are they different?
MAD Academy offers two types of programs: five-day programs, and custom programs.

Five-day programs: Leadership & Business and Environment & Sustainability 
These five-day programs are designed for individual leaders and those seeking to expand their knowledge in two core areas: Leadership & Business or Environment & Sustainability. Each has a curriculum targeted at hospitality professionals, and addresses areas of pressing need.

> Each take place at MAD headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark from Monday-Friday, 9:00 to 17:00 CEST.
> Each core program accommodates up to 30 participants.
> Moving participants along an immersive learning journey, each day builds fundamental knowledge, practice with tools, and inspiring mindsets from lecturers and MAD Staff.
> Senior cohorts of each program are run occasionally, these courses are for those with 10+ years of experience in senior management and ownership.
> Core programs are currently offered in Spring, from March through June in 2024.

Both curriculums, Leadership & Business and Environment & Sustainability, are repeated multiple times, ensuring access for as many individuals as possible. Each set of dates offers the same knowledge, tools, and inspirational experience.

Custom Programs
Tailored to businesses, teams, member organizations, or any group looking to educate their audience. Custom programs can be personalized in nearly every aspect:

> Custom programs can be delivered at MAD HQ or a location of your choice, at a time that suits your schedule.
> They can be one-time training sessions or designed for ongoing development.
> Custom programs are flexible, addressing the specific topics, challenges, and needs of your organization or team.
> Costs for custom programs vary based on your preferences and budget.

Who does the teaching at MAD Academy?
MAD Academy’s programs, both core and custom, feature a blend of permanent faculty, guest lecturers, and expert consultants. Our instructors range from ice-core scientists to farmers, and burger chain founders to fashion CEO’s. They are creative minds, hospitality leaders, and craftspeople from science, industry, and academia.

Are your programs accredited?
MAD Academy programs are not accredited or linked to competencies set forth by any other organisation. At the end of each program we provide our version of a certificate as evidence for you to show to your employer or supporters in case you need reimbursement.

Where do the programs take place?
Our five-day programs are run at our MAD headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Custom programs take place across the globe.

How long is a program at the MAD Academy?
Our five-day programs run Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00 CEST.

How many students are in a program?
There is a maximum of 30 seats in each five-day Program. Custom program attendance varies based on your needs.

What is the senior program?
Our senior courses provide training to senior staff and business owners. Positions are limited to those with 10+ years of experience in said roles.

How much is tuition?
The tuition for our core programs is 34,000 DKK, excluding Danish VAT. This fee covers tuition, five breakfasts, five lunches, and learning materials throughout the program. Students are responsible for covering their own expenses related to travel, accommodation, and personal spending while in Copenhagen.

What’s covered by a scholarship?
Scholarships cover some portion or the full tuition fees, plus course materials and meals during school hours as described above. Scholarships do not cover transport to Copenhagen, accommodation costs, or spending money.

Why are there different scholarships, which do I choose?
Our scholarships are supported by organizations and private individuals who wish to support the Academy’s ambition for change. Some of them are open to everyone, and some of them have specific requirements. All scholarships require that you are someone pursuing a career in hospitality.

Additional requirements apply to certain scholarships – for example, the ICE Scholarship requires you to be a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, NYC.

How do you select for scholarships?
Our scholarships are awarded with the aim of creating positive change in the hospitality industry and beyond. Recipients are selected based on their perceived need for financial support to attend MAD Academy and their demonstrated ability and intent to drive meaningful change, as expressed in their written applications.

For example, if you hold a high-level position such as the executive head chef or front-of-house manager of a large chain or hotel, you might be less likely to receive a scholarship, as your salary would presumably allow you to save for the needed funds (indicating your commitment to change). In such cases, your employer, who stands to benefit greatly from your continued education, might also contribute. Conversely, if you are a junior employee working for a small independent business, you are more likely to receive a scholarship based on the same reasoning.

We trust that you understand that applying for and accepting a scholarship when you don’t genuinely require it could deprive someone who would otherwise be unable to attend MAD Academy without that support. You can read more about scholarships here.

Is MAD the same as noma?
While MAD Academy shares founder chef René Redzepi with the restaurant noma, we are separate entities. MAD Academy and noma collaborate regularly, sharing ideas and a mutual commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry. We both believe in the power of hospitality to achieve remarkable feats and in the potential of its people as drivers of change.

Will you introduce me to Copenhagen locals and help me explore the city?
Yes! Our programs feature a roster of brilliant local businesses and a lot of delicious food and beverages. When you attend, you’ll have the chance to meet restaurateurs, chefs, waitstaff, brewers, growers, fermenters, and foragers. We’re excited that our work continues to bring hundreds of ambitious people (and their appetites) to Copenhagen.

What about the food?
The MAD Academy provides five delicious breakfasts and five equally delicious lunches, one for each day of the program. Dinner is not provided or included, instead, we encourage participants to explore Copenhagen and support local hospitality with their own pocket money.

Can I attend both Business & Leadership AND Environment & Sustainability programs?
Certainly, attending both programs would provide you with a formidable knowledge base and a diverse set of skills. However, as part of our commitment to serving as many individuals as possible, scholarship applicants are asked to choose only one program. Please note that these programs will continue to be available in future years, giving you the opportunity to apply for the other program at a later date if you wish.

What if I am accepted or pay to enroll, and I can’t come?
We have established basic terms and conditions that cover such situations but we always prefer to speak directly via phone. In the unfortunate event that you are accepted but unable to join us, we kindly ask that you notify us as soon as your plans change.

You didn’t answer my question!
If you have specific questions about MAD Academy, please reach out to us here: