VILD MAD–Danish for wild foodis a free resource that encourages the public to connect with nature through foraging. Foraging helped shape the flavors and philosophy of noma’s kitchen, and we believe it can be an incredible tool for people to get acquainted with their landscape; forge a relationship with the land; discover new flavors and ingredients; and improve our understanding of where food comes from. The program’s website and app–which draw from the work of chefs, academics, and foragers–provide users with botanical, culinary, and ecological information about the plants they may encounter in the wild.

With this knowledge, VILD MAD encourages adults and children alike to get outdoors, identify what’s edible, and cook with the recipes that reflect the seasons and the landscapes.

“Foraging is a way to engage with nature to better understand and appreciate it. We’ve created a program dedicated to teaching everyone in Denmark, including school children, to learn about our landscape, understand how to find food in the wild, and how to cook with it. The program simply wants to make everyone a forager.”

René Redzepi

With a catalogue of over a hundred edible plants and ingredients, the app is a tool that helps you navigate nature and all it has to offer by showing you what’s in season, how to harvest sustainably, and recipe ideas for learning to cook with what’s around you. In addition to the app, VILD MAD also offers a curriculum for Danish schools, training to more than fifty park rangers (“naturvejledere”) across Denmark, and site-specific media for Danish national parks.

VILD MAD is a unique collaboration between MAD and several Danish partners: Byhøst, Friluftsrådet, Naturvejlederforeningen, and with the generous support of Nordea-fonden.


To get started, download VILD MAD on the App Store or Google Play. If you’re in Denmark, you can also sign up online for workshops led by rangers across the country by visiting the official website:

New Initiatives

In 2020 VILD MAD was awarded a grant by Nordea-fonden, supporting the program in developing new initiatives and tools to help the public connect to foraging.

The next three years will see VILD MAD establish 50 ‘edible’ tracks on hiking trails throughout Denmark, providing foraging guides based on the nature around. They will also engage the Danish population in a national citizen science project: to map Denmark’s edible nature. The recorded data will also be reported in the Ministry of the Environment’s big citizen science project “Artsportalen” (“The Portal of Species”). In the future, the existing app will feature new intuitive functionalities that make it easier for everyone to start foraging–no matter where you are.

MAD’s ambition is that VILD MAD will serve as a global model from Denmark. We hope that our project can be an inspiration for others to do the same in different countries and cultures.



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