Previous MAD Mondays

Each MAD Monday focuses on a single theme—Migration, The Ocean, Creativity, Leadership, and many more—and features notable experts and thought-leaders who share new and different perspectives. 

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MAD2 / Appetite

For the second MAD Symposium, we turned our attention from the natural world to the inner one. What are the forces that inspire creativity?

MAD3 / Guts Feat. Chang & Lucky Peach

We asked our speakers to approach the Guts theme from every angle, so that MAD could be a place to reflect on the stories no one usually dares to tell.

MAD Monday: More Talks About Critics and Food

When it comes to restaurant criticism, who has the authority these days? Two chefs and two writers discuss.

MAD Monday: What We Talk About When We Talk About Being a Chef

Some of New York's greatest culinary talents (and one writer) debate what it means to be a chef today.

MAD4 / What Is Cooking?

A path to celebrity, a means of attaining fortune – the past decade has given rise to a great many things that we know cooking is not. Our goal for MAD4 is to remind ourselves what cooking is.

MAD1 / Vegetation

The first MAD Symposium, during which speakers like Michel Bras and Andoni Aduriz focused on vegetation.

MAD Mondays x Dispatches in San Francisco, New York & London

We are celebrating the release of our new book and very first publication MAD Dispatches with a special series of evening events along with our editor, Chris Ying. San Francisco, New York, and London, we are coming to see you! The three upcoming MAD Mondays draw content from Dispatches first…

MAD Monday: Trash or Treasure

On March 30th MAD & The Lake hosted a special evening of presentations and live music at the Jazzhouse in Copenhagen. The evening’s program featured different perspectives on the role of waste in the food world with the goal of inspiring creative solutions that can be applied in both the restaurant trade and our everyday lives. The questions we posed during the event included: ”How can we understand waste? And how should we move forward, if we want a beautiful, sustainable future?”

MAD SYD / Tomorrow's Meal

A day of talks & ideas with some of the world’s most exciting chefs and culinary thinkers, hosted in one of the world's most iconic buildings.

MAD Monday: The Ocean

On February 6 2017, Thomas Harttung and MAD hosted an evening that brought the Copenhagen cooking community to the ocean. In an era of rapid climate change and shifting ocean ecosystems, and given the restaurant industry’s need for consistency, how can chefs work with scientists, fishermen, and ocean farmers to…

MAD Monday: Migration

In an age of movement of people, ideas, and climate across borders, what can we learn from our changing palate, plates, and kitchen?

MAD5: Tomorrow's Kitchen

This year, we ask ourselves: What do we hope our kitchens will be like in the future? And what can we do today to make those dreams a reality? Like past MAD Symposiums, there will be keynote speakers and presentations, but MAD5 will be even more collaborative and engaging than before.

Cities, Soil, and True Value of Food

Sydney MAD Monday – Leadership

MAD Mondays x Dispatches

Sydney MAD Monday – Resilience

Sydney MAD Monday – Indigenous Foodways