Sydney MAD Monday | Leadership

As public interest in food grows, opportunities–and responsibilities–are emerging for cooks and eaters to lead the way in building a fair, healthy and sustainable world. How can we lead by example and push for bigger picture changes to the way we eat? What makes a good leader and where in food systems is effective leadership most urgently needed?

This Sydney MAD Monday considers influence and explores the role of cooks and eaters in shaping the way we eat.

Each guest on our panel brings insights from their work and how they practice or conceive of leadership–including leadership on social and climate issues, Indigenous leadership, and leadership in the workplace. From a conceptual exploration of leading from within to how we take action on issues we care about, this MAD Monday asks us to think more deeply about how leadership is understood, and how it can be redefined in response to a rapidly changing world.

Anna Rose
Author, environmentalist, CEO of Environmental Leadership Australia and Board Director Farmers for Climate Action

Alanna Sapwell
Head chef at Brisbane’s ARC Dining and Wine Bar

Subhana Barzaghi
Zen Roshi and Insight Meditation teacher

Clarence Slockee & Christian Hampson
Directors of Yerrabingin (We walk together)

Rebecca Huntley (moderator)
Social researcher, Author, and Broadcaster


Curated by Kylie Kwong, snacks by O Tama Carey of Lankan Filling Station and Daniel Johnston of Don Peppino’s, and drinks by Two Metre TallSummertown Aristologist and Maidenii.


Sydney MAD Mondays is a collaboration between Carriageworks, MAD, and Kylie Kwong that brings together voices from across the Australian food community for talks on what leadership looks like in our changing world.

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