Sydney MAD Monday | Indigenous Foodways

Noting an increasing awareness and demand for indigenous Australian ingredients, we dedicated this Sydney MAD Monday event to Indigenous Foodways. We gathered for a conversation to discuss what roles chefs, farmers, and indigenous communities can play in shaping the ways this demand is met by contributing to a more sustainable and just future.

Palisa Anderson
Restaurateur and Farmer of Boon Luck Farm, Boon Cafe, and Chat Thai

Elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison
Initiated Yuin man and the knowledge holder and teacher of the guides at NNCA

Nicole Watson
University of Sydney Law School

Gayle Quarmby
formerly Founder and Co-Owner of Outback Pride Project

Caroline Baum (moderator)
Journalist, Author, and Broadcaster


Sydney MAD Mondays is a collaboration between Carriageworks, MAD, and Kylie Kwong that brings together voices from across the Australian food community for talks on what leadership looks like in our changing world.

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