MAD Monday | Nature Under the Microscope

Insights from a scientist, a chef, and a teacher entice us to explore the hidden phenomena that lie beneath our everyday consciousness. How does an early childhood immersion in the outdoors help us better assess risk and manage challenges? How can ants and their microbial partners transform our foods in the present and provide the potential to expand what we eat in the future? Drawing on lessons from the natural world, this program will tap into a deep sense of curiosity and wonder that connects us back to our own humanity.

David Zilber
Food scientist, Chr. Hansen; professional chef, fermenter, photographer, and author of The Noma Guide to Fermentation

Veronica Sinotte, PhD
Biologist specializing in the dynamic interactions between social insects and microorganisms

Jane Williams-Siegfredsen
Teacher and author whose work focuses on the Danish Forest School approach

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