Fifth MAD Symposium | Tomorrow’s Kitchen

28-29 August 2016

The fifth MAD Symposium was for all who care not just about the present, but the future of food as well—Tomorrow’s Kitchen. We asked participants to pause for a moment in our rapidly moving lives to deeply consider what it is they want for the kitchens of the future and how they could make those desires a reality.

Three questions guided the two days in the tent: How do you align your business with your principles, without going out of business? How should chefs engage with a world captivated by food and restaurants? How can we improve the kitchen as a workplace and make cooking a healthy occupation for future generations?

Day One

Eric Archambeau
General Partner, Wellington Partners and Co-Founder, Astanor Ventures • UK
Angela Dimayuga
Creative Director of Food and Culture, The Standard International • USA
Sydney Finkelsten
Steven Roth Professor of Management and Faculty Director of Tuck Executive Program, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College • USA
Trevor Gulliver
Restaurateur, St. John • UK
Kat Kinsman
Senior Editor, Food & Wine • USA
Francis Lam
Writer and Host, The Splendid Table • USA
Jacques Pepin
Chef, Author, and Television Host • USA

Day Two

Jair Téllez & Rafael Madaña
Chefs, Laia • Mexico
José Andrés
Chef/Founder, Think Food Group and Founder, World Central Kitchen • Spain/USA
Carlo Petrini
Founder, Slow Food Movement • Italy
Michel Troisgros
Chef, La Maison Troisgros • Italy
Olivier Roellinger
Chef, Maisons de Bricourt • France









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