Sixth MAD Symposium | Mind the Gap

26-27 August 2018

At a fraught time in the world, when toxicity of politics makes it nearly impossible for people of differing perspectives to talk about actual issues, the sixth MAD Symposium “Mind the Gap” worked to bridge the divide between where we are now and where we strive to be. The solution, we believe, is to begin our discussion from common ground. In allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and make room for candid conversations, we can strive to improve, to do better, to keep moving, to stay curious, and to bring people together to close the gap.

Day One

Jay Fai
Chef/Owner, Raan Jay Fai • Thailand
Lisa Abend
Journalist & Author • Denmark
Kamilla Seidler
Chef, Gustu & Lola • Denmark/Peru
Chad Frischmann
VP & Research Director, Project Drawdown • USA
Vincent Hendricks
Professor of Formal Philosophy and Head of Center for Information and Bubble Studies, University of Copenhagen • Denmark
Rosio Sanchez
Chef/Owner, Sanchez & Hija de Sanchez • Denmark
Jytte Vikkelsøe
Psychologist & Author • Denmark
Ture Larsen
Composer, Musician & Conductor • Denmark
Randi Beier-Holgersen
Senior Surgeon, Nordsjællands Hospital • Denmark
Wade Davis, Lisa Donovan, and Kim Severson
VP of Inclusion, Netflix; former NFL player; Times Up Ambassador • USA
Pastry Chef & Writer • USA
Food Correspondent, The New York Times • USA

Day Two

Nina Persson
Singer/Lyricist • Sweden
Jeannette Ehlers
Artist • Denmark
Lynda Obst
Film Producer • USA
Dan Giusti
Founder, Brigaid • USA
Michael Miller
Co-Founder, Meditation Center New York & London • USA/UK
Ben Shewry
Chef/Owner, Attica • Australia
Clare Smyth
Chef/Owner, Core • UK
Arthur Karuletwa
Global Director of Traceability, Starbucks Coffee Company • WA, USA
Matt Orlando, Niklas Ekstedt, Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen, Tatiana Levha, and Suzanne Barr
Chef/Owner, Amass • Denmark
Chef/Restaurateur, Ekstedt • Sweden
Journalist • Denmark
Chef/Co-Owner, Le Servan • France
Culinary Curator/Founder, Suzanne Barr Food • Canada