Meant to be Eaten: You and I Eat the Same, Ep.38

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Highlights From the Food World’s Most Game-Changing Festival

New York Times

Yet, the two big issues on MAD5’s main stage were unmistakable: the mental and physical health of industry insiders, and the importance of nurturing the food community’s next generation. “If you want to go fast, go alone,” said José Andrés said, “if you want to go far, go together.”

MAD at Folkemødet 2024

Folkemødet | June 13 & 14

MAD will host a debate in ‘Techteltet,’ focussed on food culture and the pivotal questions surrounding the plant-based food movement—if and how the broader industry should embrace the shift. Featuring a panel of politicians, food industry leaders, and researchers, we’ll delve into emerging research, test food innovations, and discuss what the green transition should taste like.

5 Questions with César Garduño

MAD Alumni Q&A

We check in with César Garduño, whose career has taken some unusual turns in the last few years — first Dill in Iceland, now Credo in Norway.