You have to draw a line and say that people are more important than a star or a hat.

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MAD at Folkemødet '24

Folkemødet | June 13 & 14

MAD will host a debate in ‘Techteltet,’ focussed on food culture and the pivotal questions surrounding the plant-based food movement—if and how the broader industry should embrace the shift. Featuring a panel of politicians, food industry leaders, and researchers, we’ll delve into emerging research, test food innovations, and discuss what the green transition should taste like.

Audi teams up with three-Michelin-star Restaurant Noma and global nonprofit MAD to spark conversations around sustainability


Audi of America announces a collaboration with Restaurant Noma and MAD, reinforcing a shared passion for innovation, focus on sustainability and commitment to driving positive change.

The Color Code of Conduct

MAD Long reads | Digest

Six years after a reckoning at her restaurant, Erin Wade talks about the impact of her team's innovative solution to sexual harassment: the color code of conduct.