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MAD Mondays at Home

We’re launching a special series: MAD Mondays at Home.

Each Monday for the next couple of weeks, these MAD Mondays will connect you to some of the most interesting minds we know to share knowledge, inspire positivity, and tackle common challenges.

This is a series of digital conversations taking place online starting Monday, February 15. Come back each week when we will announce our guest for the following installment. We welcome and encourage everyone to register and join us.

MAD Mondays at Home – Creating New Food Systems with Birgit Cameron
March 1 | 18:00 CET

Co-Founder and Head of Patagonia Provisions Birgit Cameron sits down with us for another MAD Monday at Home to discuss a future with regenerative agriculture.

Soil health, crop resilience, and carbon sequestration. What do they have to do with us chefs and eaters and how might it help save our planet? For Birgit, not only should we all be paying attention to it, but there’s a crucial role we have to play.

From launching Patagonia Provisions to helping establish the Regenerative Organic Certification and producing the documentary “Unbroken Ground,” Birgit’s work revolves around addressing the fundamental role of food–and how we grow it–in solving the environmental crisis and leading a growing company in implementing solutions to help rethink our food systems. Join in!

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MAD Mondays at Home – The World of Smell with Harold McGee
February 22 | 18:00 CET

Harold McGee, author of On Food & Cooking and Nose Dive, joins us to discuss his latest preoccupation, the osmocosm.

The osmocosm is the world of smell: all those mundane odors, delicious aromas, and spectacular stinks that occupy the very environment and space around us. This is the world Harold has dug his nose into the last 10 years for his most recent book, Nose Dive.

Together we’ll discuss how you articulate a smell; the particularly vital role smell plays for cooks, producers, sommeliers, brewers, and eaters; and the recent implications of COVID on our appreciation of smell.

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MAD Mondays at Home – Creativity with Mette Søberg
February 15 | 18:00 CET

To kick off the series, we’ve asked our good friend Mette Søberg, head of R&D at noma’s, to talk about creativity. Mette will discuss going from idea to process, and how she keeps herself—and the team—moving forward.

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