Financial Support

We understand that not everyone has the personal resources to attend MAD Academy. However, we firmly believe that businesses, ranging from small enterprises to large corporations, should contribute equally to drive positive change. We offer a range of options for those who require partial or full tuition assistance. 

Employer Support 
A MAD Academy education is transformative. Our alumni have emerged as key leaders in their organizations, bringing about changes such as increased turnover, improved staff retention, and leadership in environmental initiatives and certifications.

Before you enroll, it’s worth investigating whether your company has a budget for employee development, education, or research. Check if there are criteria you need to meet to qualify for partial or full reimbursement.

Payment Plans 
If cash-flow is a challenge or you’re concerned about meeting the application deadline while saving for your tuition, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re open to discussing flexible payment arrangements that allow you to divide your tuition over time.

While scholarships are limited, we do offer multiple scholarships per program. Our 2024 scholarships are supported by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food (Miljø- og Fødevarministeriet) and private donations, these scholarships are available to aspiring hospitality professionals worldwide. Scholarships do not include transportation to Copenhagen, accommodation costs, or spending money.

MAD Match 
We provide a select number of MAD Match scholarships for those who can cover half of the program fee. Under this scholarship, MAD Academy supports recipients by matching the fee, totalling 17,000 DKK (excluding Danish VAT). To qualify, recipients are required to contribute an equal amount in advance of the program.

MAD Academy Full & 90% Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded to exceptional applicants who demonstrate the motivation to lead in their communities and actively work towards bettering the hospitality industry.

– The Full Scholarship covers the full tuition of 34,000 DKK.
– The 90% Scholarship covers 90% of the tuition fee (30,600 DKK) and requires the applicant pay the remaining 3,400 DKK once they are accepted.

How do we select for scholarships?
Our scholarships are awarded with the aim of creating positive change in the hospitality industry and beyond. Recipients are selected based on their perceived need for financial support to attend MAD Academy and their demonstrated ability and intent to drive meaningful change, as expressed in their written applications.

For example, if you hold a high-level position such as the executive head chef or front-of-house manager of a large chain or hotel, you might be less likely to receive a scholarship, as your salary would presumably allow you to save for the needed funds (indicating your commitment to change). In such cases, your employer, who stands to benefit greatly from your continued education, might also contribute. Conversely, if you are a junior employee working for a small independent business, you are more likely to receive a scholarship based on the same reasoning.

We trust that you understand that applying for and accepting a scholarship when you don’t genuinely require it could deprive someone who would otherwise be unable to attend MAD Academy without that support.