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We proudly present our very first book series! For the last seven years, we’ve been dedicated to building community and exploring new ideas through the MAD Symposium. MAD Dispatches brings our approach into a new format – available for everyone. Each volume of Dispatches will unpack a single urgent and interesting topic from the world of food and, like the Symposium itself, encourage readers to think about food in new ways and to take action as part of a global food and cooking community.

We’re aiming to explore the myriad ways in which cooking and eating pull us together, regardless of our politics, ethnicities, and religions.

Our first volume, You and I Eat the Sameproposes that immigration is fundamental to cuisine. We believe that good food is the common ground between different cultures, especially in times when the world seems more divided than ever. Expect a colorful and multifaceted book, including essays, that inspires one to think differently, provides new lines of discussion and ways the world can build a better future for food.

We were so excited about this project, we asked some of our favorite people to get involved. Chef René Redzepi’s personal experience fueled much of our thinking on this topic, and we asked Chris Ying, our long time collaborator, Lucky Peach cofounder and editor in chief, to edit the series. You and I Eat the Same is available for sale both online and at your favorite local bookstore. For recommendations on where to order your copy, follow the links below.

Chris Ying is the co-founder and former editor in chief of Lucky Peach. He has written and edited numerous books about food and other topics.

René Redzepi is the chef and co-owner of Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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