Join us and support the Hospitality Industry

We need your help to support our own local community and reach far beyond it.

Please get on Instagram and DM @themadfeed all the great examples you know of restaurants that have found ways to lessen the impact of this crisis on their businesses.

We will repost them and help spread the word as widely as we can.

None of us who are working with MAD at the moment are running restaurants, and we are not facing the immediate challenges to our own business that so many of you do. But we are a part of the hospitality community too, and we feel the hurt through our friends and colleagues every day.

Our mission is to serve everyone working in restaurants and running hospitality business with knowledge to create positive change.

As a team we have been thinking about how to help. We are not experts on health care or epidemiology, and we don’t feel that we can give better advice than the respective governments of the world. We would never pretend to know how you could run your business better than you already do.

We see restaurateurs under so much stress at the moment given the great uncertainty and all the decisions forced upon them, and we understand that it can seem impossible for people to see a path forward.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, and we can share all of the great initiatives and creative solutions that people are coming up with right now to save their businesses, whether it is by adapting to a format that works with the restrictions in place across the world, or whether it is by figuring out how to help those who depend on these businesses for their livelihood when they have been forced to close.

MAD can make a difference by spreading the word.

By presenting good examples and highlighting what others have done already, we can help those of you who are still at a loss with a bit of inspiration. And we can make it easier for those out there looking for great food and community to find the places that are adapting their service and are still open for business.

There are restaurants that will close this week and never reopen. We’re all part of an extraordinary industry, let’s come together and make that number as small as possible.

Melina, Magnus, and the whole MAD team



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