When we asked Los Angeles artist David Choe to present at MAD, we had no idea what to expect, which was kind of the point. Co-curator David Chang, at various points leading up to the speech — all over Copenhagen, no matter the setting — could be overheard saying, “I’m nervous and don’t know what the fuck is going to happen.”

What transpired yesterday afternoon is still a bit too fresh in our minds to fully process, but here are some of the key components of Choe’s speech: struggles with irritable bowel syndrome, Korean mothers farting, ladies in bikinis, Lisa Simpson fellatio, getting “paid”, Chang’s weight, and having the guts to beat agoraphobia, get out of the house, and do something with yourself.

And there was this:

"It’s nice to be at a food conference where everyone thinks I’m either Dave Chang or Roy Choi."

More later.